Ever since I was given my first camera as a child, I fell in love with photography. There is something about looking through that viewfinder and capturing an elusive, special moment…

 Capturing those unpredictable moments, I can insure that your photographs are unique and highly personalized. Be it just a simple smile or a happy and tender moment between child and parent or sibling. I love seeing children in their natural setting and as a Father of a young Daughter, I can honestly say that they never cease to amaze!

I am also a professional musician and have traveled the world performing with various artists.  Born in Casablanca, Morocco and raised in Versailles, France, I have seen and heard many exotic and beautiful things. I think having the Palace of Versailles and all its gardens as my playground when I was a child, definitely shaped my love of beauty and light and open spaces!

Please have a look at my photographic journey and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have so we can get started on creating special memories of you and your loved ones… Photos for Life.

All the Best,